Shamash (born 7th of Flamerule 1467) is a black dragonborn. He was born in the Leaky Cauldron a brothel that his human mother, Elaine Fernglow, works at. He doesn't know his father only that he came in the form as a human to Elaine at the brothel and they fell in love. (Elaine did not know he was a dragon at the time). Shamash was taken care of by Elaine and the other workers and had as good as of a life living above a brothel as one could. He loved his mother dearly and would do anything for her.


When Shamash turned 17, the owner of the Leaky Cauldron, Bryphine liked what she saw in Shamash and hired him as a bouncer for the brothel especially as Elaine got older and older and needed another source of income to provide for the two of them. On long nights, Shamash would claim to hear spirits whispering dark words to him but only Elaine believed him. 


One day a very old mystical man showed up to the brothel for their service and while waiting to pay struck up a conversation with Shamash. He told Shamash that he saw potential in him and that if he spent more time outdoors he could do great things. Shamash, being the animal-lover he was didn't need to hear anymore and would spend all his free time in the nearby woods.


One day while having to do a day trip to the nearby town of Glendale for Bryphine, he came across Dabbledob being surrounded by a pack of wolves. Shamash saved Dabbledob's life and Dabbledob felt indebted. Dabbledob gave some of her cookies to Shamash and bumped into her later and from that point on followed Shamash everywhere. Shamash was kinda over it, but being the kind soul he was, allowed it.


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